Wescoal currently employs 229 permanent employees, with the majority based in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Transformation is imperative for the company to deliver an environment which is conducive to equality, fairness and transparency. We drive a culture that is inclusive and driven by valuing diversity.

We are committed to playing a leading role in driving transformation within the junior mining sector and our majority black ownership continues to set us apart from other miners. We are a B-BBEE Level 2 contributor with between 51% to 59% black ownership and more than 90% black employees. With the employment and integration of women in strategic positions, Wescoal continues to drive gender balance within its structure from top-down.

We continually assess any inequalities present with regard to race, gender and disability within our employee base and use structured skills and talent development programmes to address these.

Our mission is to have a transformed, flexible, highly skilled workforce with the right knowledge, skill, attitude and behaviour, in order to fully participate in an ever-changing business environment.


Wescoal works closely with communities to ensure positive relations between the mining operation and the host communities, local authorities and government departments.

  • Corporate Social Investment– Wescoal play an active role in investing their time and money in the communities they operate with focus to the vulnerable groups.
  • Community engagement – we have created a community consultative structures in which we engage our communities and authorities to jointly plan community development programs.
  • Delivery of Social Plan Programs – Wescoal pride itself trough delivering on its SLP and mining charter commitments.


Our wellness programme comprises one of the following:

  • Wellness service provider who offers 24-hour service 356 days per year including our employee’s family members:
  • Quarterly wellness days at our mining operations where our employees and contractors do their medical checks for chronic deceases.
  • Support for those living with chronic diseases e.g. blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, weight, nutrition, cholesterol and HIV.
  • Counselling to improve employee’s emotional wellness, physical wellness, financial guidance, legal support.