Maintain a valuable, value-driven and collaborative workforce by providing safe, rewarding and connected work experiences

The success of our business is inextricably linked to our human capital resources and our people are critical to the delivery of shareholder and stakeholder value.  As a mining company we understand that our people are exposed to health and safety risks and that by providing standards, guidance and support, we are investing in long term value driven partnerships.

Corporate citizens in South Africa have a moral and legal duty to address the important issues of equality and transformation in the workplace. Our duty is to act in a responsible leadership role, to value, protect and nurture our people and to partner with them on a journey of personal and sustainable development. This extends beyond the boundary of employment to our important mining contractor stakeholders – the extension of our workforce family and enabling part in our ESG strategy.

Value Creation

  • We are proud of our policies, positions and track records around human rights, health and safety and our ability to deliver targets safely is an important high-level indicator of value creation.
  • Wescoal has transformed to be a black-owned and black-run company that is attracting quality leadership and a capable workforce. Women are increasingly well-represented in every aspect of the company’s activities.
  • We have clear objectives relating to employee and supplier development, which are guided by our skills, training and Supplier Development and Localisation (SDL) programmes. Our intention is to build and retain top industry resources through the provision of the individual employment experience.
  • Wescoal’s business model has a strong emphasis on mining contractors and the success of this model is linked to our ability to maintain healthy and responsive engagement platforms. These relationships are a powerful enabler of our ESG strategy.


Transformation as a value creation philosophy is embedded in the Wescoal strategic outlook

 In line with the strategic outlook of creating value through growth and transformation, Wescoal partnered with Innovators Resources Proprietary Limited (“IR”) to acquire from Exxaro Coal Mpumulanga Proprietary Limited (“ECM”), the assets, liabilities and employees of the Arnot Coal Mine in Mpumulanga.

Arnot is a truly broad-based empowerment transaction which will not only secure employment but will also provide employees and communities around the mine with equity participation as outlined in Mining Charter III.

 Arnot Mine is adjacent to the Arnot Power Station and coal will be delivered to the power station through a conveyer belt system, resulting in a notable cost competitive advantage.


We continuously value the needs, rights and circumstances of our communities and work in a collaborative manner towards shared-value objectives

Environmental and social impacts from mining can include pollution of water, air and soil and the disruption of farming activities and community life. Apart from acquiring mining rights, mining companies are expected to consult with communities, inform them of their individual and collective rights, and work with them to build trust and reduce and mitigate impacts in the community. If resources and livelihoods of mining communities are impacted, mining companies are required to develop skills, infrastructure and small enterprises to mitigate these impacts and to position communities for economic sustainability. Wescoal enters into Social and Labour Plan (SLP) agreements with communities and honours its social contracts with these communities.

Value Creation

  • Wescoal values the communities that we work with. We are accountable for how our business impacts communities in which we operate, and our social labour plans continue to reflect this. We understand that our own success is dependent on their sustainability.
  • Our ethics and corporate governance policies and practices are aimed at delivering on contracts and commitments made to local communities.
  • Wescoal’s policies and practices around pollution, dust and noise have been developed with our communities in mind, and we are continuously engaging with them to ensure that we are held to our own high standards.
  • Through our Social and Labour Plans, our Supplier Development and Localisation programmes and our B-BBEE commitments we provide tangible opportunities to community-based businesses at our operations.
  • Wescoal participates in the incubation of community-based initiatives that will provide long-term contractual services to its operations.


Maintain and deliver great value in customer and supplier propositions and experiences

Corporate sustainability emphasizes the importance of ESG strategies that influence the impacts of suppliers and customers.  A coal mining company’s greatest environmental and social impacts exist outside of its boundary of control and whilst it is the customers of coal mining companies that are responsible for coal combustion, investors, consumers and society at large tend to view the industry as a whole.  Coal mining companies have a duty to exert influence on their customers and suppliers to reduce and mitigate impacts, and to collaborate with them towards sustainable and alternative business models.  Broadening the scope of influence around ethics and ESG is the essence of industry leadership and engaging with intent builds trust and creates opportunities for partnership and long-term value creation. Wescoal is focused on creating value propositions for suppliers and customers that are unique and relevant. We believe that an ESG leadership role is a fundamental part of that value offering.

Value Creation

  • We believe that influence starts with leading by example. Healthy platforms for communication and engagement are essential enablers
  • Understanding (and responding) to the needs of our customers and suppliers helps us to increase value. To do this we must engage authentically and regularly
  • Our own ESG strategy is an indicator of what we should be seeking to influence and control in our supply chain. Our intention is to guide and support those that we work with having reasonable expectations of progress
  • Benchmarking, measurement and reporting are key enablers of our objectives


Engage, respond and demonstrate leadership in all our dealings with key stakeholders

Stakeholders are the entities or individuals significantly affected by the organization’s activities, products, and services, or whose actions can reasonably be expected to affect the ability of the organisation to implement its strategies and achieve its objectives. Stakeholder engagement provides opportunities to further align business practices with societal needs and expectations, helping to drive long-term sustainability and shareholder value. For stakeholder engagement to be authentic and valuable, it cannot simply be about communications. It requires that stakeholders have appropriate and accessible platforms and the means to feedback. It also requires that the organisation is responsive.

Value Creation

  • Wescoal has a well-developed stakeholder engagement approach, that is aligned with regulatory and SLP requirements and expectations.
  • Our stakeholder identification and mapping process is aligned with the approach recommended by the GRI Standards and Integrated Reporting Framework.
  • Our intentions are to continuously improve our engagement process and to be more responsive to issues raised.
  • We believe that the industry leadership objectives that we have prioritised will be enabled through engagement and thought leadership activities with industry bodies and associations, where we aim to share position papers and long-term intentions.