The ESG lens helps us to identify, prioritise, manage, and report on a wide range of critical issues that affect the sustainability of our business in the context of PEOPLE, PROSPERITY and PLANET. For Wescoal, ESG is a more then a lens, it is an approach, a journey, and a platform for the development of accountability and performance. Our ESG strategy is informing our Group strategy and will be increasingly integrated as we target relevance and long-term value creation for our key stakeholders. ESG touches all parts of our business with everyone in the organisation playing an important role.

Certain themes have been identified under each of the Environmental, Social and Governance pillars, and various management priorities within those themes provide us with a focused approach to activities and issues that are material for Wescoal.

The approach to developing our ESG Strategy was aligned with sustainability and reporting best practices, and the process has provided new clarity around materiality and future focus. We are committed to rolling out and integrating the ESG Strategy within and beyond our operational boundaries.  Wescoal is committed to delivering a reliable energy source responsibly, and in a manner that meets the needs of investors and other key stakeholders.