Wescoal complies with the BEE parameters as set out in the Mining Charter.

For the past seven years Wescoal has shared a successful partnership with Waterberg Portion Property Proprietary Limited (WPP). The relationship extends back to 2007. As at 31 March 2014 WPP, headed by Mr Robinson Ramaite and other BEE shareholders, held 31.59% of the issued share capital of Wescoal Holdings Limited. The partnership between WPP and Wescoal is strong, based on business principles, and adds value to Wescoal, so much so that WPP maintains its stated intention to further increase its stake in Wescoal.

Mr Ramaite, Chairperson of WPP and the Non-executive Chairperson of Wescoal, is a former Director-General of the Department of Public Service and Administration and sits on a number of boards of other listed companies.

The major shareholders of WPP have been involved in mining for the last ten years and, through Vuselela, hold several mining rights for coal and other minerals in Mpumalanga, the Waterberg and KwaZulu-Natal.