Waheed Sulaiman has been appointed CEO of Wescoal Holdings Limited.

March 22, 2016


He joined the coal mining and trading group in 2015 as Commercial and Strategy Director responsible for the development and implementation of the long-term strategies while heading up the risk, compliance and business development portfolios of the mining and trading divisions.

Early in 2015 he was appointed group Executive Director and acting CEO. Prior to his appointment, he worked in various roles at BHP Billiton including assignments in South Africa, Chile, Turkey and Australia.

“In the past year we have stabilised the group and moved towards meeting the expectations of all stakeholders while holding transformation goals firmly in our sights. I continue to be excited about the prospects of adding value to Wescoal’s growth path and welcome the challenge of heading up an experienced team of professionals.

Sulaiman has a BSc Chemical Engineering (University of Cape Town) and a BCom (University of South Africa).


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