Business Overview

Wescoal is involved in the mining, processing and distribution of coal. This takes place through two primary divisions, namely Mining and Trading.


Primary segments

Coal Mining

Coal Trading

Operational EBITDA 92% 8%
Strategic intent Will produce the bulk of the Group’s profits into the future Mainstay feature of the Group and will remain as such.
Activities Coal mining Coal trading
Wescoal mines raw run of mine material. Through Chandler and MacPhail, Wescoal provides the logistical requirements for the sourcing, distribution and delivery of coal products to the general industry with emphasis on road transportation. Coal trading is operational in the provinces of Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West and the Western and Eastern Cape.
Coal exploration
Drilling and exploration is undertaken on reserves.
Coal processing
Wescoal processes coal for the local power generation market.
Products and services
Mining of coal;
Hauling of coal by road through outsourced partners;
Processing of coal; and
Drilling and exploration of own coal reserves
Sourcing of suitable product for clients (appropriate product for different types ofcoal users, i.e. electricity versus industrial);
Securing the delivery of product as and when required;
Technical support for steam generation;and
Securing markets for new producers such as other junior coal miners.
Business unit lifecycle Growth Mature